Fluffy Clouds



The brief

CEOP commissioned Fluffy Clouds to carry out targeted campaigns to specified audiences of teachers, including Hectors World for Early Years, KS1 teachers and the Internet Safety Day to all phases targeting school leaders in particular.

What we did

Fluffy Clouds worked with CEOP by understanding the target audience and the messages they want to hear – and understanding and sourcing those channels they trust and use every day. We served the CEOP banners across our network of teachers’ and school leaders’ websites over specified timescales. For each campaign we created a bespoke media plan incorporating website advertising, e-newsletters and solus emails. Fluffy Clouds provided a detailed analysis and evaluation of the results of the campaign, together with recommendations for the future, including banner design and build. CEOP really appreciated our approach – openness and genuine feedback based on our understanding of the client’s needs.

The results

Our click-through rates (CTR) for CEOP averaged around 1%. In addition to this, we were able to report using qualitative evidence from teaching colleagues.

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