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Goodbye Fluffy Clouds - hello Heavenly Skies!6th
Apr '18

Goodbye Fluffy Clouds - hello Heavenly Skies!

by Tim McShane

In 1984 at the age of 19, I was living in a squat and was a prospect for a motorcycle gang. My life was on a downhill trend, but I thought I was on top of the world. It was an illusion and one night God showed me how far I had fallen. As I sat against the wall in my room in the dark, unwillingly reviewing my life, God showed me that I was a hopeless case. I remember crying out in tears, ‘God help me, God help me!’ and God did help me.

To my surprise, on May 15th 1984, at 7.30pm I found myself at Bristol’s Ashton Gate stadium listening to Billy Graham. For the first time, I could see clearly what I was before God; what Jesus had done for me; and the consequence of a refusal to repent and believe. That night I stepped out in faith, repenting and accepting Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

Since then, it has been a privilege to learn how to serve God with Fiona, my better half of 27 years, in our home church, through our secular work in teaching and nursing, and helping at camps, Beach Missions and open-airs too.

During recent years I shared with Fiona my growing burden before the Lord to serve Him directly and relinquish secular work. We committed it to prayer and saw God point to the Open Air Mission. Despite this, I felt very unworthy, knowing brothers more earnest and spiritually qualified than I. For months, I prayed about it, but the feelings just grew more intense.

The tipping point came after receiving a book by Andy Banton called, ‘There is still much to do’. The chapter, ‘Obeying the Call’, prompted me to revisit Isaiah 6. There Isaiah is overcome by his own inadequacies but God wasn’t looking for worthiness, but willingness! I know I will never be worthy, but I am willing to obey the call to serve our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank all those who have made Fluffy Clouds such a success over the years, especially my colleague and friend Richard Crossland who started Fluffy Clouds with me back in 2006 and was with me during the first four years. Without his energy and drive we would not have taken off! 


written by Tim McShane

Tim McShane is our managing director and also heads up our marketing services.